Mission Arlington Curriculum

Written and published by Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex

  1. New and Current Curriculum: Mission Arlington publishes new material every year in a variety of categories. In this section, you will find the English versions of that new material.

  2. Life Of Christ Curriculum (Previous Years): Lessons taken from the gospels.

  3. Old Testament Curriculum: In this section you will find a variety of lessons taken from varying sections of the Old Testament.
  4. Other (miscellaneous) Curriculum: In this section you will find material on prayer, God’s big plan, witnessing, a perspective on succesful Christian living, doctrinal studies, and more.

  5. Curriculum from the Epistles: Studies from the New Testament books of Ephesians and Philippians

  6. Summer Curriculum: Mission Arlington publishes several sets of Curriculum during the summer of each year. Mission Arlington volunteers and staff use this as supplemental material to their weekly Bible studies.

  7. Curriculum for Adults: Teaching adults to follow Christ is an important part of the work of Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex. These lessons are designed to reach and disciple unchurched adults.

  8. Christmas Curriculum: Bible studies, through the years, written for the Advent and Christmas season.

We discovered early on that much of the curriculum written for the church was developed with the “already churched person” in mind. Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex Curriculum is written specifically for the unchurched child, teenager, and adult.

New curriculum is added each week. It is our privilege to make this curriculum, in its various forms, available to you. It is our hope and prayer that this will be helpful for you in your setting.
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